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Top Android Apps For Computer Geeks You Must Know

We have made up a list of the Top 6 Best Android Apps For computer Geeks ,these apps will move your computer knowledge and skills to the next level.Continue reading to know the complete list below.
There are numerous apps on the Google Play store for android users,some of these apps have different functions and categories like Games, Entertainment apps Learning apps etc.Among these apps there are also android apps that helps computer users learn more and interesting things about about computers.
Now if you are a computer geek and want to increase your computer knowledge and learn new things about Computer hardware's, Softwares and many Computer hacks then go ahead and try these apps we have listed below.

Top Best Android Apps For Computer Geeks

Here in this article we have listed the best top best android apps for computer geeks.

1.Computer and IT Quiz
Top  Android Apps For Computer Geeks You Must Know

Are you a computer geek and want to test your knowledge on Computers,then you must use this interesting app,all you need to do is to download and install Computer and IT Quiz on your android phone and start to answer  out the quiz questions in the app and updates about some great facts about the computer.

2.Computer Software Dictionary
Top  Android Apps For Computer Geeks You Must Know

This app is a collection of all the popular computer terms which Computer geeks must be aware of.As the name already suggests this app contains all the information about the top computer terms you might think about.Just go on and install this app and it will definately help you improve your knowledge about computers.

3.Computer Repair
Top  Android Apps For Computer Geeks You Must Know

Do you want some basic knowledge in computer repairs?then look no further than this app,it contains majority of the common computer problems  and how to fix them.It also provides some information regarding network and hardware issues.

4.Computer GK
Top  Android Apps For Computer Geeks You Must Know

 Get all the latest notes,questions and information about computer knowledge.It keeps users updated about every computer information and users can also get the chance to test their knowledge about computers.

5.Computer Shortcuts

As the name already suggest,this simple android app contains all the computer shortcuts that can help you save your time when using your computer.This app also contains shortcuts information about photoshop,notepad,print,Ms Word etc.What are you waiting for download this app and save your precious time.
Top  Android Apps For Computer Geeks You Must Know

6.H2K The Hacker Street
Top  Android Apps For Computer Geeks You Must Know

Are you a hacker or you are interested in hacking? Then this android application is best for you.It contains some of the basic computer hacks,tutorials and tricks about hacking.You can also find tutorials about computer softwares like MySql,keyloggers and many more in this android app.

These were some of the best Android Apps for computer geeks we like,hope you will enjoy them.
By using these apps every computer user will gain some additional information about computers and also save your time while using you are with your computer.

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